Naples PC | Computer Repair & Business Security | Naples, FL

Computer Repair

Naples PC provides Computer Repair in Naples, FL and Bonita Springs, Florida. If you have technical issues with your desktop or laptop, Naples PC is the ultimate computer repair solution for all your home and business needs.

We fix all computers; Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac products. We also support iOS and Android apps.

Some of the services we offer include: Virus Protection, Laptop Screen Replacement, Install or Repair Operating Systems, Network Troubleshooting and Router / WiFi Setup, Microsoft Office and Email / Outlook, Data Backup and Recovery, and many other Software and Hardware related issues.

With over 10 years experience, our prices match or beat our major competitors every time.

Most computer repair service centers are distracted by retail sales. We focus our entire business on computer repair service.
Call: 239-594-8324 to schedule a consultation (required)

Computer Security

Our company provides monthly maintenance and security for residential and business computers. We have been providing remote security for computers around the world since 2009. Some of the services we provide include:

Cloud Monitored Virus Protection
100% Virus Protection Guarantee
Monthly Updating and Maintenance
Remote Troubleshooting
Cloud Storage and Backup Support
Remote Access to Business Computers
Employee Support

Cloud Monitored Virus Protection is provided as low as $19.99/mo.
Sign Up and Start Receiving the Benefits Today!

When it comes to computer security, Naples PC is the best solution for home and businesses. Our remote virus protection shows hundreds of malware files we blocked from our clients computers.

---------We stop malware in its tracks before malware tracks you---------

Our diagnostic process is as simple as calling to set up an appointment. Only $49.99 to begin the process. This is credited toward your final cost. We will let you know if the cost for repair is more than buying new.
We can repair your computer for less than the cost of a new computer. When you need computer repair in Naples, Florida, We have record breaking turn around times for computer repair services in Naples, FL.
Got a new computer, tablet, or printer and need to get it working on your network? We can transfer your information from your old computer and help you setup email or software for an affordable flat rate. We also install other devices.
Get 100% Protection against malware by signing up for our membership program and let us keep your computer up to date. Our cloud monitored virus protection is better than any virus protection; Tested and Proven.
With over ten years experience in computer support, Naples PC can handle pretty much any computer problems. Remotely, Our support goes wherever you go. Best Business Computer Security in Naples FL.