Computer Repair

Naples PC provides Computer Repair in Naples, FL and Bonita Springs, Florida. If you have technical issues with your desktop or laptop, Naples PC is the ultimate computer repair solution for all your home and business needs.

We fix all computers; Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac products. We also support iOS and Google Android software issues.

Some of the services we offer include: Virus Protection, Laptop Screen Replacement, Install or Repair Operating Systems, Network Troubleshooting and Router / WiFi Setup, Microsoft Office and Email / Outlook, Data Backup and Recovery, and many other Software and Hardware related issues.

With over 10 years experience, our prices match or beat our major competitors every time.

Computer Security

Our company provides monthly maintenance and security for residential and business computers. We have been providing remote security for computers around the world since 2009. Some of the services we provide include:

-Cloud Monitored Virus Protection
-100% Virus Protection Guarantee
-Monthly Updating and Maintenance
-Remote Troubleshooting
-Cloud Storage and Backup Support
-Remote Access to Business Computers
-Employee Support

Cloud Monitored Virus Protection is provided as low as $19.99/mo.
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The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Our diagnostic process is as simple as calling to set up an appointment. For only $49.99 we can usually get a result within 48 hours. ($99/onsite/extensive). Your payment must be prepaid but will be credited toward any final repairs over $99. 239-594-8324
We can repair your computer by replacing hardware, removing malware, and repairing the operating system for less than the cost of a new computer. The key to this step is patience. It is virtually impossible to put a time on repairs but they are prioritized in the order received. We have super fast turn around times.
We can purchase and set up your new computer, tablet, or printer and get it working on your network. We can also transfer your information from your old computer and help you setup email or software for an affordable flat rate. We can also design a custom computer for gaming, graphics design, or just to have a quality desktop.
Get 100% Protection against malware by signing up for our membership program and let us keep your computer up to date so you don't have to worry about malware installing itself on your computer without your knowledge. Our cloud monitored virus protection is better than any virus protection out there today.
Nobody provides computer support like Fixed PC. Our staff can handle pretty much any tech problems. As low as $39.99/mo., as long as you have an internet connection, our support goes wherever you go. Naples PC is the best computer repair Naples FL has to offer. Over ten years experience in computer repair in Naples, FL.


About US

Providing superior support at a reasonable price is why Naples PC is simply the best! Naples PC serves thousands of clients locally and globally. The owner has been providing computer repair service & support in Naples for over 10 years.  Check out our Review Page to find out what our clients say about our services. We are extremely unique in that Naples PC also provides Remote Computer Maintenance for both Business and Residential clients nationwide which includes Monitored Virus Protection from the cloud. We also provide One on One Computer Training, Website Design and Domain Support, and a Music Studio for local artists.

Our computer repair shop boasts workbenches and screens with all the tools needed to fix computers, as well as professional technicians who will resolve conflicts and compatibility issues with software applications or hardware running on your laptop or PC. We will troubleshoot and repair both software and hardware errors on your laptop or desktop, and customize the application for your needs. You must ensure you have made a full data backup of your hard drive’s information before beginning the computer repair as per our Terms and Conditions, however Naples PC guarantees that our experts will never intentionally do anything to jeopardize your privacy or data, as we also offer data backup and data transfer services at a reasonable rate.
Naples PC is one of very few computer repair shops in Naples, FL that offer a 7 day guarantee on all our software services, meaning that if the same issue reoccurs we will repair again at no charge. Best Computer Repair Naples FL has to offer. Our skilled and experienced technicians provide support for all versions of Mac OSX, Apple IOS, and all Microsoft Operating Systems and Software including: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2012, Server 2008, as well as Android and iPhone.
Naples PC is locally owned, operated, licensed, and insured.

Call: 239-594-8324 to Schedule an Appointment Today! Or fill out a Request Form on our Contact Page.

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